Dublin Motorcycle Touring Club

Club Rules

  1. Club Name

    1. The name of the Club is the Dublin Motorcycle Touring Club
  2. Club and Company Status

    1. The General Committee of the Club, elected by the members, is responsible for the organisation of all the day-to-day motorcycling and related activities of the Club and its members. The Dublin Motorcycle Touring Club Ltd (“the Company”) is a company limited by guarantee and not having a share capital, and is subject to the Companies Acts currently in force. The Company is affiliated to ‘Motorcycling Ireland’, the national governing body of motorcycle sport in Ireland. Members of the Club shall be elected to membership of the Company by the General Committee. The Club and the Company shall be organised and run to allow for a clear differentiation between the responsibilities of the officers of both, and the operation of both.
  3. Club Objectives

    The objectives of the Club include:
    1. To encourage the use of the motorcycle as a touring vehicle, both in Ireland and abroad.
    2. To project a favourable public image of motorcyclists and motorcycling.
    3. To encourage and improve the standard of motorcycle riding.
    4. To manage a motorcycle Club and provide facilities of all kinds for use in motorcycle touring and motorcycle sport and to provide the facilities and services required and used with motorcycle touring, motorcycle sport and entertainment. 
    5. To promote motorcycle touring, meetings and rallies and to offer and distribute prizes in connection with motorcycle sport and any of its branches.
  4. The Committee

    1. The General Committee is responsible for the administration of the Club, its activities and finances.
    2. The Committee shall consists of a Chairman, Club Secretary, Membership Secretary and Treasurer, and not less than three or more than four other members, all of whom shall have been elected at the Annual General Meeting of the Club.
    3. The General Committee may co-opt members of the Club to assist in the management of the Club. Members so appointed must stand down at the next Annual General Meeting, but will be eligible to go forward for election without further nomination.
    4. The Committee may delegate any of its powers to sub-Committees consisting of Committee members and members of the Club, as they deem fit. Any Sub-Committee so formed shall, in the exercise of the powers delegated to it, conform to any regulations imposed on it by the Committee.
    5. No remuneration shall be payable under any circumstance to any member in respect of his service on the Committee. Vouched expenses incurred by members on behalf of the Club may be refunded on provision of receipts.
    6. A person must be a member of the club for at least 6 months to be eligible to hold office as a member of General Committee.
    7. On leaving office a Committee member must within 7 calendar days return to the Club Secretary, or destroy or render inoperable on his instruction, all documents, records and other property, either in hard copy or electronic form, relating to his membership of the Committee. Such items may include membership lists, club records, websites, social media pages, PCs or other equipment, and all passwords and documents required to operate these.
    8. The copyright on all items, either in electronic or hard copy form, created by a member on behalf of Dublin Motorcycle Touring Club, shall remain the exclusive property of the Dublin Motorcycle Touring Club Ltd. Such items shall include Club badges, logos, documents of any type, websites, website designs and content, social media pages and the like.
    9. The ruling of the Committee on all issues shall be final. Members have a right of appeal to ‘Motorcycling Ireland’.
  5. Committee Meetings

    Committee meetings shall be held as deemed necessary by the Chairman or at the request of two Committee Members. The quorum for meetings of the Committee shall be three.
  6. Membership

    1. Persons wishing to apply for membership of the Club shall make application using the prescribed form. No rejected applicant may apply again until the expiration of one year from his rejection.
    2. The Committee may grant honorary membership to any person who has met the criteria established by the Committee for the granting of these honours.
    3. The Members’ Annual Subscription shall be determined from time to time by the Committee. The subscription falls due on 1st January each year. Members shall be issued with a Membership Card on payment of subscription. Failure to pay the subscription by 31st March will result in loss of membership. Renewals received after that date shall become an application for new membership, and subject to rejection.
    4. A person becoming a member of the Club after the 1st January is required to pay the entire subscription in respect of that year. Members joining after 1st October may receive the next year’s membership free. If any member ceases to be a member prior to the year-end that member shall not be entitled to any refund of his annual subscription paid for that year. Membership of the Club shall automatically cease if the member is in default for a period of three months or more in the payment of any subscription or any other monies payable to the Club.
    5. A member may be required to present his current membership card as proof of membership when voting, during events, or when availing of any other Club facilities.
    6. A member shall not publish any letter, make any public statement, create a website, social media page or publish any other electronic media that may give the impression that the publication is by or on behalf of the Club or the General Committee, without prior permission in writing from the General Committee. The General Committee reserves the right to revoke such permission at any time.
    7. A member taking part in a Club event is responsible for ensuring that his vehicle complies with all legal requirements and that he complies with all aspects of the Road Traffic Act. He shall obey the instructions of Club Officials and behave in a safe considerate manner at all times.
    8.  Participation in Club motorcycling events is limited to members and guests. The member introducing a guest must accompany him and shall be responsible for the guest(s) strictly observing the Club rules. All guests atteding any event will be granted membership of the club for the duration of that event. The Committee may suspend any member who takes any undue advantage of this privilege to the detriment of the Club.
    9. Any action of any member, which could in any way discredit the Club, shall be reported to the General Committee. The General Committee, having investigated the circumstances, shall take all such steps as it deems necessary to ensure such action is not repeated. These may include but are not limited to, the levy of a fine, exclusion from the privileges of membership for a period, or permanent expulsion from the Club. The process of appeal against any such disciplinary action shall be
    10. The member shall be given written notice of the reasons for and the form of the disciplinary action to be taken, and shall be afforded an opportunity of within 7 days giving orally or in writing to the General Committee an explanation or defence;
    11. The Committee shall then give its final decision;
    12. Any appeal against the decision of the Committee shall be by way of an EGM or the AGM.
    13. Members must abide by all rules and procedures issued by the Committee relating to the use of the Club Website and Forum
  7. Financial Controls

    1. A bank account shall be maintained in the name of the ‘Dublin Motorcycle Touring Club Limited’. All cheques, payments, withdrawals, etc., shall require two of three approved signatures of Directors of the Company or designated Committee members.
    2. The Treasurer shall prepare annual accounts, submit them to a professional auditor, present the audited accounts firstly to the Directors of the Company and if approved by them to the members at the Company A.G.M., and forward them to the Companies Office in accordance with current legal requirements.
    3. The Treasurer shall provide interim financial reports to the Directors and the Committee to an agreed schedule or when requested by the Directors or the Committee. He shall preserve the good name of the Club by ensuring that all valid bills are paid when due.
    4. The financial year of the Club shall be from 1st December to 30th November.
    5. All capital items purchased for use by the club must be in the name of the club i.e. club name must appear on the receipt.  
  8. Events

    1. All Club events that are open to public participation are formal events and as such must be managed by the Committee with reference to both the rules of the club and the rules published by Motorcycling Ireland. All Dublin Motorcycle Touring Club events open to the public must be covered by a permit from MCUI. Signing on procedures and disclaimers must be in place for all public events.
    2. Members may organise informal spins, but participation is at their own risk, and is not covered by the Club Insurance policies.
  9. Social Meetings

    1. Social Meetings of the Club shall be held from time to time, as determined by the Committee, for social and instructional purposes, and my receive brief reports of the operation of the Club from the Committee. No quorum shall apply to Ordinary meetings.
    2. Motions put to a vote at Ordinary meetings of the Club shall be limited to matters which relate to the running of the Club. Changes to the Club Rules may only be made by the Club in General Meeting.
  10. Annual General Meetings 

    1. The Secretary shall notify members of the date of the AGM at least 30 days in advance. The Agenda and other papers relating to the meeting shall be sent to each member, in a format approved by the General Committee, at least 14 days before the Annual General Meeting of the Club, which shall be held every calendar year for the purpose of: - Receiving reports from the Committee on the previous year’s activities - Electing Officers and Committee for the coming year - Voting on motions. - Discussing other business of concern to the members.
    2. A quorum for the Annual General Meeting shall be 12 members.
    3. Only paid up members, present in person, may vote at the AGM
    4. Motions for debate and nominations for posts of officers and general committee members must be received in writing by the Club Secretary not less than 21 days before the AGM to ensure inclusion in the agenda. Motions must be signed, seconded and dated by fully subscribed members of not less than six months membership as of that date.
    5. The Annual General Meeting of the Dublin Motorcycle Touring Club Ltd shall precede the AGM of the Club. The AGM of the Dublin Motorcycle Touring Club Ltd shall be held in accordance with the Memo and Articles of Association of the Dublin Motorcycle Touring Club Ltd., and shall receive and pass the duly audited accounts of the Company, elect Directors if required, and conduct any other business relating to the Company.
  11. Electoral Procedures at an AGM

    1. Nominations for the election of the General Committee must be received by the Secretary not less than 21 days before the AGM. Nominations must be signed and seconded by fully subscribed members of not less than six months standing.
    2. At the Annual General Meeting all members of the General Committee shall retire from office, but shall be eligible for re-election.
    3. For each election, the nominations will be read and the vote taken by a show of hands, or a written ballot if requested. If there is only one nomination for an office, the nominee shall be declared elected.
    4. If there are insufficient nominations for any position, further nomination will be received from the membership present and entitled to vote.
  12. Extraordinary General Meetings

    1. The Club Secretary shall call an Extraordinary General Meeting within 30 days of receiving a written request dated and signed by at least 40% of the current fully paid up members of not less than six months membership as of that date, and stating the reason for the request. 
    2. The Club Secretary shall call an Extraordinary General Meeting at the request of the General Committee.
    3. The Club Secretary shall notify members at least 21 days before an Extraordinary General Meeting.
    4. A quorum for an Extraordinary General Meeting shall be 40% of the current fully paid members.
    5. Only paid up members, present in person, may vote at an EGM
    6. No business, except than that for which the meeting was called, shall be discussed at an Extraordinary General Meeting.

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The Dublin Motorcycle Touring Club was founded in 1971 and are the largest multi-make motorcycle club in Ireland.
The club organizes other ride-outs and over-nights throughout the year and welcomes new members at anytime.

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