Richard Williams died on 1st February 2020.  Jim McGrath composed the following few words in tribute to Richard's contribution to the formation of the Club:

"Richard Williams was the first Chairman of the DMTC. He was a gentleman, always very helpfull to the younger members and with his organisation skills helped draw up club rules and convert a group of young enthusiastic motorcyclists into a well structured club."

RIP Richard!



Here is a poem written by Conor Gill in 2016 - it captures a lot of the feelings we experience on our motorcycling outings!



Here are some documents and photos from the history of the Club which was originally named Dublin Motorcycle Touring Association:


Minutes of the 1st "Committee Meeting" on 16th September 1971:



Envelope posted in Birmingham on 31st December 1971, addressed to

Mr. Cyril White, Dublin Motorcyle Touring Association, 28 Munster Street, Dublin 7, postage 2 Pence Halfpenny! 


Photo of the DMTC Members at Lough Ennel Camping 1972 - the first Club outing!

L to R:  Charlie O'Reilly, Jim Cuddy, Stephen Whelan, Janet Maddock, 3 Campsite personnel and kids, Paddy Maddock, Eileen McGrath, Jack Doyle, Daithi McGrath, Alastair Stewart


Photo of the DMTC Members at The ANTLER Rally 1973

Front Row L to R:  Anny Deevey, Geraldine Madden, Eileen McGrath, Kay Gallagher, Mary Walsh.

Back Row L to R: Stephen Whelan, Darragh Brady, Ray Walsh, John Gallagher, Jim O'Connell, Joe Lynch, Daithi McGrath, Ricky Whelan, Peter Fahy, Jim McGrath


Photo of the DMTC Members at The THISTLE Rally 1974

Front Row L to R: Jack Doyle, Jim O'Connell, Neil Lawless

Middle Row L to R: Ann Deevey, Stephen Whelan, Nessa Waldron, Brendan Barnwall

Back Row L to R: Jim McGrath, Leonard O'Kelly, Louise Tannam, John Tannam, Mary Faulkner, Marian Smith, Ken Reidy, Liam O'Neill, Joe Lynch, Eamonn Waldron