Jim McGrath

Club Chairman

Jim's interest in motorcycles started from reading bike magazines, which he began buying in 1963. 

In 1965 he bought a 250cc.NSU Max. for £70. His first run was to take it out to the Loughlinstown dual carriageway,[The first dual carriageway in Ireland ] to see how quick it would go.

The NSU was followed by a 500cc. Velocette Venom. After a trip to the Isle of Man in 1968 the "Bug" had really taken hold, and in 1971 he bought a 750cc.V7 Special Moto Guzzi from Stanley Woods. It was the last bike Stanley Woods sold. That was followed by a 650cc., and a 1000cc.Kawazaki.

With three young children and a demanding job, Jim decided to park his biking for a few years.

When the nest began to empty, Jim and his wife Eileen found time on their hands and decided to return to biking with the purchase of a Honda, Africa Twin 750cc.

This was followed by a BMW 1100 GS, and he is now on his second 1200  GS.

Since returning to biking he has travelled to the USA, Norway, Spain, France, Portugal, Scotland, U.K. and has covered the length and breath of Ireland. He puts up 16000 Mls per year.

Jim is also a member of the BMW owners club and enjoys the camaraderie that you get from belonging to a motorcycle club.. . 

He  enjoys hillwalking, cycling, reading and listening to music.

He is a founder member of the DMTC..


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Alan Rice


Alan had an interest in bikes during his teenage years.  His first bike was a Suzuki 80 cc. A lovely bike until he forgot to put autolube in it!  The bike seized and thus ended that love affair.
At the time his brother Terry had a Heinkel Tourist 175cc scooter and this was borrowed on numerous occasions to date his girlfriend, now wife of almost forty years.

Biking took a backseat while busy with a young family and starting his own business.
Role on thirty years and back to biking. This time on a 750cc Yamaha Super Tenere. He completed a series of lessons to pass the driving test again and also attended a BMW off road course at Walters Arena in Wales.
His bike for the last ten years has been a BMW R 1200 RT.

His other hobbies are sailing/cruising along the coast of Western Europe, and fresh water fishing.
He finds the camaraderie of the club most enjoyable and encouraging.

Michael Galvin

Club Secretary

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Andrew J Kennedy

Membership / Club Regalia

I first got interested in to motor bikes at the age of 11 years old, when my father’s working partner came to our house on his Suzuki gs 550, in which I got a spin sitting on the back of it. 

At the age of 13, I was buying MCN and Bike Magazines and was studying the world of 2 wheels and still am today.

I woke up Christmas morning 1984 to find a 1970 Yamaha FSI 50 cc sitting in the kitchen, and said wow.

As I was not 16 at that time, I could insure the bike and when the time came, I could not afford the insurance as it was too expensive, so I sold it. It did not put me off bikes for good, and still went to all the road races around Ireland.

I got married in 1993 to my wife Deirdre. In December 1998 I went to Leeds in the UK to look/buy a Honda CX500 Turbo, which was rotten. So I came home with a Honda 650 Turbo instead. Had it for 4 years, and then bought a Honda Deauville, had it for 4 years and then bought a Honda Pan European ST1300, and still ride today.

I get away once a year to the continent, and cover 8/10,000 miles approx a year.

I’m also a member of the BMW club.

I joined the DMTC in Feb/March of 2014 and was nice to meet new friends with the same 2 wheel addiction. Happy days.

Eric Swayne

Web Master

I have always been interested in motors, whether it be 2 wheeled or 4 wheeled and spent much of my youth on 2 wheels without an engine but made several attempts to fit old lawnmower engines to bikes. My dad had various 125cc and 200cc James bikes but like most, moved to 4 wheels when family arrived.

In 2008, a family friend had just returned from a six week European trip and having listened to the stories, I decided that it was now or never. I got my first proper bike – a Honda Deauville and used it mainly for pleasure and the Photo Rally. After an altercation with a gravel patch - I updated to a BMW R1100rt but now have a 2014 R1200rt LC.

I love working on bikes and do my own servicing on the BMW and can bury myself in the shed for hours….. not enough - I now own a 1977 Honda CB400f which I am restoring from the crankshaft up. I have been on trips to Scotland and Wales but have not ventured further yet…. will get there some day!!!!!

Paul M Laffan

Membership Secretary
Paul, like many of his generation started his biking career as a teenager when he bought a 50cc. Honda.
He remembers times when he carried his two children, one on the back, one on the front of his Honda and he with no helmet......they weren't compulsory in those days. 
As the children got bigger, the Honda was swapped for a Hillman Hunter and biking was shelved for a few years. During this time Paul developed an interest in flying model planes, and went a stage further and obtained a licence to fly gliders. 
He returned to biking with a K1200 BMW, the first of three that he has owned.  Paul has completed advanced training courses in North Wales and Germany, something he recommends to all those returning to biking after a long absence.
He has ridden through Germany, Holland, Belgium, Spain, Portugal and  quiet a lot through France. His current mount is a K1300 BMW.  Paul served for a while as Membership Secretary of the BMW Owners club, [Irish Section ]
Paul is also blessed with an abundance of "Dublin Wit". 

Bob Nolan


"As a child, Bob always had an interest in motorbikes. He remembers being brought for a run on his uncle's BSA in the 1960s and loved the feeling of speed and rushing air...

But it wasnt until 1981 that Bob bought his first moto...a Piaggio SI 50cc moped...having been "inspired" by the unlikely hero postman in the 1981 French film, Diva.

Bob soon progressed to a Yamaha DT 125 and on to the 175 version before the 1980s ended.

As with many others, Bob hung up the boots and helmet in the early 1990s to rear a family of four girls with his wife Bernie.

In 2014, the motorcycling bug bit again and Bob decided to ride with the big boys and so purchased a BMW F800 ST. Bob kept this bike for nine months before changing to his current preference...a BMW F800 GS.

Bob was introduced to the DMTC club by a work colleague and has been a member since May 2015. He has travelled abroad to Scotland, France and Italy and fully intends broadening his motorbike touring to further fields in the near future."

Stephen Whelan

Committee Member
Stephen bought his first bike, a Yamaha 50cc. [red / chrome] at age 16. He had started his working life as a messenger with Stanley Woods & Burney, Pearce Street, aged 13/14, and, it seems this is where the motorcycle seed was sown. 
It was through his friendship with Dave McGrath, a club member , that he joined the DMTC, and in those early years was a great supporter of all its activities, especially the club trip to Scotland. 
With the opening of Mondello Park race track, and the introduction of Production Racing, Stephen got involved , and riding under the M&B banner enjoyed a certain amount of success. 
When a lot of the early members drifted off to raise families, Stephen got involved in Trail Riding  with the purchase of a KE 175cc. Kawasaki , and then went on to do Enduro Racing, again, with success. 
He also found time in between his motorcycling to take up Mountain Biking, and with his strong competitive spirit, entered races, where on a few occasions featured in the results.
Stephen loves camping, and over the years, toured all through Europe, North Africa, Hungry, Israel, Scandinavia, USA, Canada, Alaska, and Mexico.
Having owned a huge amount of bikes over the years, British, German, Italian, and Japanese , his favourite  was the Z1 900 Kawasaki. 


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