Aidan Judge

Acting Chairman

Gerry Griffin

Acting Secretary

Gerry Griffin


Gerry has a keen interest in Motorcycling Touring, he started out on a BMW F800ST
landing in Roscoff, heading south through the Pyrenees and into Spain with his trusty
BMW Navigator III fully loaded with twisty routes. He is still touring Europe at every
opportunity, either solo or with pillion.

Many a May/October were spent in Scotland, exploring the highlands and the islands,
enjoying the scenery and quiet roads, as far North as Orkney.

Ventured even further north into Scandinavia and the Atlantic Ocean Road, over the
magnificent Storseisundet bridge, touching the Arctic circle.

East through the Czech Republic, Slovakia and the Tatra Mountains and Poland.
Late summer tours through the Alpine mountain passes, taking in the Ardennes on
the way.

Across Italy and the Adriatic Sea to Greece, along the coast south to Olympia and
onto Athens to visit the Acropolis. Homeward through the mountains of Pindus
in northern Greece and Metsovo.

A favourite is Spain, fantastic roads with little or no traffic, ever changing scenery,
great food, perfect, ‘probably’ the best touring in the world. Travelling as far south
as Cadiz via Fort Bravo for an overnight stay, taking in the sets where favourite
Westerns were filmed: The Good the Bad and the Ugly y Los Siete Magnificos.

Martin Carragher

Membership Secretary

My first motorbike was a 250cc BSA Star, which I bought at age seventeen, I really enjoyed it for two years, had one or two minor drops but nothing serious.  

 I got my first car at nineteen and was then on four wheels for over forty five years, however I promised myself I would get back to biking on retirement, which I duly did.

I’ve had a few bikes since then: a 650cc Dragstar, A 650cc Deauville, A 1300cc FJR, A 1200cc GS, A 1600cc GTL, a lovely bike, very powerful, very technologically advanced and extremely comfortable, but at 348 Kilograms trying to manhandle it around in awkward parking areas etc. was quite challenging.

I’m now quite happy with my BMW R1200 RT LE model, which at 275 Kg is much easier to live with.

I have toured in the UK, France, Spain, Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Norway & Sweden and southern Africa (South Africa, Swaziland & Lesotho) with fellow DMTC members and others, I’ve completed four Irish and Ulster Photo Rallies and joined the DMTC in 2013, Blood Bikes East in 2014 and undertook the ROSPA training course, achieving the Gold award in 2015.

I’d like to tour in Italy and the Balkans, I’ve no definite plans at the moment but hopefully it will happen someday soon.

Andrew J Kennedy

Membership / Club Regalia

I first got interested in to motor bikes at the age of 11 years old, when my father’s working partner came to our house on his Suzuki gs 550, in which I got a spin sitting on the back of it. 

At the age of 13, I was buying MCN and Bike Magazines and was studying the world of 2 wheels and still am today.

I woke up Christmas morning 1984 to find a 1970 Yamaha FSI 50 cc sitting in the kitchen, and said wow.

As I was not 16 at that time, I could insure the bike and when the time came, I could not afford the insurance as it was too expensive, so I sold it. It did not put me off bikes for good, and still went to all the road races around Ireland.

I got married in 1993 to my wife Deirdre. In December 1998 I went to Leeds in the UK to look/buy a Honda CX500 Turbo, which was rotten. So I came home with a Honda 650 Turbo instead. Had it for 4 years, and then bought a Honda Deauville, had it for 4 years and then bought a Honda Pan European ST1300, and still ride today.

I get away once a year to the continent, and cover 8/10,000 miles approx a year.

I’m also a member of the BMW club.

I joined the DMTC in Feb/March of 2014 and was nice to meet new friends with the same 2 wheel addiction. Happy days.

Aidan Judge

Aidan's interest in motorcycles took root during his teenage years. As a young apprentice he bought himself a Honda CB.100cc. solely for transport , and this  was followed by an upgrade to a CB.200cc. 
As he got a bit older, the lure of four wheels got stronger, so the bike was sold. There were many benefits to owning a car for a young man about town!. 
After a long period of not owning a motorcycle, Aidan's life began to change when his three sons got involved in Moto X. They encouraged him to have a go , which he did, and loved it. 
When attending one of the motorcycle shows, he decided to fulfil a long held dream , and he bought himself a road bike again.  "One of the best decisions he ever made". He did all his tests, got his licence , and a whole new world was opened to his wife Colette and himself.
Being semi retired they now avail of every opportunity to tour the Continent . They have been to the UK., Scotland, Spain, France, Germany, Denmark, Sweden - Countries they never dreamt they would visit on a motorcycle. 
Aidan and Colette are very appreciative of the many friendships they have made since joining the club. He is a strong advocate of motorcyclists constantly improving their riding skills. 

Stephen Whelan

Committee Member
Stephen bought his first bike, a Yamaha 50cc. [red / chrome] at age 16. He had started his working life as a messenger with Stanley Woods & Burney, Pearce Street, aged 13/14, and, it seems this is where the motorcycle seed was sown. 
It was through his friendship with Dave McGrath, a club member , that he joined the DMTC, and in those early years was a great supporter of all its activities, especially the club trip to Scotland. 
With the opening of Mondello Park race track, and the introduction of Production Racing, Stephen got involved , and riding under the M&B banner enjoyed a certain amount of success. 
When a lot of the early members drifted off to raise families, Stephen got involved in Trail Riding  with the purchase of a KE 175cc. Kawasaki , and then went on to do Enduro Racing, again, with success. 
He also found time in between his motorcycling to take up Mountain Biking, and with his strong competitive spirit, entered races, where on a few occasions featured in the results.
Stephen loves camping, and over the years, toured all through Europe, North Africa, Hungry, Israel, Scandinavia, USA, Canada, Alaska, and Mexico.
Having owned a huge amount of bikes over the years, British, German, Italian, and Japanese , his favourite  was the Z1 900 Kawasaki.