Andrew J Kennedy

Membership / Club Regalia

I first got interested in to motor bikes at the age of 11 years old, when my father’s working partner came to our house on his Suzuki gs 550, in which I got a spin sitting on the back of it. 

At the age of 13, I was buying MCN and Bike Magazines and was studying the world of 2 wheels and still am today.

I woke up Christmas morning 1984 to find a 1970 Yamaha FSI 50 cc sitting in the kitchen, and said wow.

As I was not 16 at that time, I could insure the bike and when the time came, I could not afford the insurance as it was too expensive, so I sold it. It did not put me off bikes for good, and still went to all the road races around Ireland.

I got married in 1993 to my wife Deirdre. In December 1998 I went to Leeds in the UK to look/buy a Honda CX500 Turbo, which was rotten. So I came home with a Honda 650 Turbo instead. Had it for 4 years, and then bought a Honda Deauville, had it for 4 years and then bought a Honda Pan European ST1300, and still ride today.

I get away once a year to the continent, and cover 8/10,000 miles approx a year.

I’m also a member of the BMW club.

I joined the DMTC in Feb/March of 2014 and was nice to meet new friends with the same 2 wheel addiction. Happy days.