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-Jim McGrath

When the Dublin motorcycle Touring Club was founded in 1971, the members having been influenced by the limerick and District club's "Shamrock Rally", decided to organise their own rally.

It all centered in a field in Avoca, Co. Wicklow which had a river running through it called the Avonbeg. It was also in close proximity to a hotel. it was decided to name the rally, "The Avonbeg Rally". This year was 1972. 

The Rally was held during the summer, as it was a camping only event. Remember in the early 70s all rallies were camping events. Various activities were held in the field : slow bike race, welly throwing, tug'o war, obstacle course, etc., with everyone eager to show off their skills. A room was hired in the Avoca hotel, now derelict, to play "Black Sabath" music on a record player.

 In 1973 the members held a second "Avonbeg Rally”, but because of a few anti social incidents a change was needed.

The following year, 1974, it was decided to hold the next rally in winter, somewhere remote in the west of Ireland. Easky was selected from the map and because it was out west, the name was changed to the "Way West Rally".

A new badge was designed for this event which incorporated two clasped hands in gauntlets to signify "Friendship" among motorcyclists, which after all was the purpose of hosting a rally.

Over the past 40years, this rally has developed a consistent  following of motorcyclists from all over Ireland, both North and South. It is the clubs end of year event and is always well attended.

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The Dublin Motorcycle Touring Club was founded in 1971 and are the largest multi-make motorcycle club in Ireland.
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