Sunday Run 20th March 2016

Leader Bob Nolan @ 087 9142428


Run Details

"Meet up at Texaco, Spawell, N81.

We will do a drive-by pick up at the Esso garage on the N7 in Rathcoole at 10.15.

The run will bring us on a 60 mile, 1.5 hour run down to Carlow via various back roads to


Photo Rally point no. 12 @

The grotto with a view @ Rossmore; 7 Km W of Carlow town

N52.818888  W7.010315


and then on to Toughers on the Dublin road (R448) just north of Carlow town (52.859510, -6.877325) for a full Irish (€8).

Provided any photos taken at the rally point are executed in a pronto

fashion, we should be at Toughers by 12.00. A separate room is being set aside for us."

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The Dublin Motorcycle Touring Club was founded in 1971 and are the largest multi-make motorcycle club in Ireland.
The club organizes other ride-outs and over-nights throughout the year and welcomes new members at anytime.

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