Stephen Whelan

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Stephen bought his first bike, a Yamaha 50cc. [red / chrome] at age 16. He had started his working life as a messenger with Stanley Woods & Burney, Pearce Street, aged 13/14, and, it seems this is where the motorcycle seed was sown. 
It was through his friendship with Dave McGrath, a club member , that he joined the DMTC, and in those early years was a great supporter of all its activities, especially the club trip to Scotland. 
With the opening of Mondello Park race track, and the introduction of Production Racing, Stephen got involved , and riding under the M&B banner enjoyed a certain amount of success. 
When a lot of the early members drifted off to raise families, Stephen got involved in Trail Riding  with the purchase of a KE 175cc. Kawasaki , and then went on to do Enduro Racing, again, with success. 
He also found time in between his motorcycling to take up Mountain Biking, and with his strong competitive spirit, entered races, where on a few occasions featured in the results.
Stephen loves camping, and over the years, toured all through Europe, North Africa, Hungry, Israel, Scandinavia, USA, Canada, Alaska, and Mexico.
Having owned a huge amount of bikes over the years, British, German, Italian, and Japanese , his favourite  was the Z1 900 Kawasaki. 


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The Dublin Motorcycle Touring Club was founded in 1971 and are the largest multi-make motorcycle club in Ireland.
The club organizes other ride-outs and over-nights throughout the year and welcomes new members at anytime.

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