Jim McGrath

Club Secretary

Jim's interest in motorcycles started from reading bike magazines, which he began buying in 1963. 

In 1965 he bought a 250cc.NSU Max. for £70. His first run was to take it out to the Loughlinstown dual carriageway, [The first dual carriageway in Ireland ] to see how quick it would go.

The NSU was followed by a 500cc. Velocette Venom. After a trip to the Isle of Man in 1968 the "Bug" had really taken hold, and in 1971 he bought a 750cc.V7 Special Moto Guzzi from Stanley Woods. It was the last bike Stanley Woods sold. That was followed by a 650cc., and a 1000cc.Kawazaki.

With three young children and a demanding job, Jim decided to park his biking for a few years.

When the nest began to empty, Jim and his wife Eileen found time on their hands and decided to return to biking with the purchase of a Honda, Africa Twin 750cc.

This was followed by a BMW 1100 GS, 2 1200GS's and he is now on a Yamaha Super Tenere!

Since returning to biking he has travelled to the USA, Norway, Spain, France, Portugal, Scotland, U.K. and has covered the length and breath of Ireland. He puts up 16000 Mls per year.

Jim enjoys the camaraderie that you get from belonging to a motorcycle club.. . 

He  enjoys hillwalking, cycling, reading and listening to music.

He is a founder member of the DMTC..


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