Martin Carragher

Membership Secretary

My first motorbike was a 250cc BSA Star, which I bought at age seventeen, I really enjoyed it for two years, had one or two minor drops but nothing serious.  

 I got my first car at nineteen and was then on four wheels for over forty five years, however I promised myself I would get back to biking on retirement, which I duly did.

I’ve had a few bikes since then: a 650cc Dragstar, A 650cc Deauville, A 1300cc FJR, A 1200cc GS, A 1600cc GTL, a lovely bike, very powerful, very technologically advanced and extremely comfortable, but at 348 Kilograms trying to manhandle it around in awkward parking areas etc. was quite challenging.

I’m now quite happy with my BMW R1200 RT LE model, which at 275 Kg is much easier to live with.

I have toured in the UK, France, Spain, Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Norway & Sweden and southern Africa (South Africa, Swaziland & Lesotho) with fellow DMTC members and others, I’ve completed four Irish and Ulster Photo Rallies and joined the DMTC in 2013, Blood Bikes East in 2014 and undertook the ROSPA training course, achieving the Gold award in 2015.

I’d like to tour in Italy and the Balkans, I’ve no definite plans at the moment but hopefully it will happen someday soon.