Gerry Griffin


Gerry has a keen interest in Motorcycling Touring, he started out on a BMW F800ST
landing in Roscoff, heading south through the Pyrenees and into Spain with his trusty
BMW Navigator III fully loaded with twisty routes. He is still touring Europe at every
opportunity, either solo or with pillion.

Many a May/October were spent in Scotland, exploring the highlands and the islands,
enjoying the scenery and quiet roads, as far North as Orkney.

Ventured even further north into Scandinavia and the Atlantic Ocean Road, over the
magnificent Storseisundet bridge, touching the Arctic circle.

East through the Czech Republic, Slovakia and the Tatra Mountains and Poland.
Late summer tours through the Alpine mountain passes, taking in the Ardennes on
the way.

Across Italy and the Adriatic Sea to Greece, along the coast south to Olympia and
onto Athens to visit the Acropolis. Homeward through the mountains of Pindus
in northern Greece and Metsovo.

A favourite is Spain, fantastic roads with little or no traffic, ever changing scenery,
great food, perfect, ‘probably’ the best touring in the world. Travelling as far south
as Cadiz via Fort Bravo for an overnight stay, taking in the sets where favourite
Westerns were filmed: The Good the Bad and the Ugly y Los Siete Magnificos.