Paul M Laffan

Membership Secretary

Paul, like many of his generation started his biking career as a teenager when he bought a 50cc. Honda.
He remembers times when he carried his two children, one on the back, one on the front of his Honda and he with no helmet......they weren't compulsory in those days. 
As the children got bigger, the Honda was swapped for a Hillman Hunter and biking was shelved for a few years. During this time Paul developed an interest in flying model planes, and went a stage further and obtained a licence to fly gliders. 
He returned to biking with a K1200 BMW, the first of three that he has owned.  Paul has completed advanced training courses in North Wales and Germany, something he recommends to all those returning to biking after a long absence.
He has ridden through Germany, Holland, Belgium, Spain, Portugal and  quiet a lot through France. His current mount is a K1300 BMW.  Paul served for a while as Membership Secretary of the BMW Owners club, [Irish Section ]
Paul is also blessed with an abundance of "Dublin Wit". 

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The Dublin Motorcycle Touring Club was founded in 1971 and are the largest multi-make motorcycle club in Ireland.
The club organizes other ride-outs and over-nights throughout the year and welcomes new members at anytime.

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