Dee McGinn

Committee Member

Hi club members,  my name is Dee (McGinn) and I am on the committee of the club. 

My role is to help with events or anything being organised by the committee.  
I have a Kawasaki 500 GPZ which is now 30 years old.   I think it's time to treat myself to a new bike!

My first Way West was in 1977, just after the event name changed from the Autumn Convention!  It was held at the old Ryan's Hotel in Shannon, Co. Clare.  It was a bitterly cold, wet day as we meandered along the old roads of Ireland on our way to the hotel.  Eric Morton kindly brought me on the back of his bike ( I think it was a 650 cc but Eric might correct me on that!).  We arrived at a fairly full hotel, packed with happy bikers in the bar having the craic.  A great first rally with the DMTC.

I bought my first bike in 1978, a YASI 100.  This was followed by a 125 Yamaha and then a couple of 250 Kawasakis. My other bikes have been a BMW 650 single, Yamaha Seca 750 and 650.   I bought my first Shoei helmet at McHugh Himself in Talbot Street from Leonard Kelly and still have it as a keepsake, along with a pair of Lewis leather boots and my first bike jacket.
Back in the early '80s, a bunch of us hired a bus and went to a motorcycle show in London.  Well, I have to say, that was the best craic ever!!  I can't remember seeing a bike, but the company and the fun were second to none.

The Way West and the Riders Rallies were regular events for many years and the fun we had was super.  It was all very simple craic with tents and a little gas stove for the sausages and rashers in summer with the luxury of a hotel at the Way West in the cold of November.
I became Secretary of the club around 1991 and continued in that post until 2001.  It was a very different role back then in that it was all paperwork, no fancy computers to store all the information and no zoom meetings, just a big red journal with all the names noted inside.

We went abroad to many other non-club events, for example the FIM in Denmark, rallies in southern Germany, Madonne des Motards in France aswell as events in Scotland, England and Ireland.

Sharing all the fun over the years with everyone in the club has been and still is very special.  Thank you all.