Bob Nolan


"As a child, Bob always had an interest in motorbikes. He remembers being brought for a run on his uncle's BSA in the 1960s and loved the feeling of speed and rushing air...

But it wasnt until 1981 that Bob bought his first moto...a Piaggio SI 50cc moped...having been "inspired" by the unlikely hero postman in the 1981 French film, Diva.

Bob soon progressed to a Yamaha DT 125 and on to the 175 version before the 1980s ended.

As with many others, Bob hung up the boots and helmet in the early 1990s to rear a family of four girls with his wife Bernie.

In 2014, the motorcycling bug bit again and Bob decided to ride with the big boys and so purchased a BMW F800 ST. Bob kept this bike for nine months before changing to his current preference...a BMW F800 GS.

Bob was introduced to the DMTC club by a work colleague and has been a member since May 2015. He has travelled abroad to Scotland, France and Italy and fully intends broadening his motorbike touring to further fields in the near future."