Aidan Judge


Aidan's interest in motorcycles took root during his teenage years. As a young apprentice he bought himself a Honda CB.100cc. solely for transport , and this  was followed by an upgrade to a CB.200cc. 
As he got a bit older, the lure of four wheels got stronger, so the bike was sold. There were many benefits to owning a car for a young man about town!. 
After a long period of not owning a motorcycle, Aidan's life began to change when his three sons got involved in Moto X. They encouraged him to have a go , which he did, and loved it. 
When attending one of the motorcycle shows, he decided to fulfil a long held dream , and he bought himself a road bike again.  "One of the best decisions he ever made". He did all his tests, got his licence , and a whole new world was opened to his wife Colette and himself.
Being semi retired they now avail of every opportunity to tour the Continent . They have been to the UK., Scotland, Spain, France, Germany, Denmark, Sweden - Countries they never dreamt they would visit on a motorcycle. 
Aidan and Colette are very appreciative of the many friendships they have made since joining the club. He is a strong advocate of motorcyclists constantly improving their riding skills.